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  1. I have had the privilege of being tutored by Dr. Melake in the complex topics of fault levels and short circuit analysis. Based in Auckland, I have found his expertise not only immensely valuable but also uniquely accessible.

    Dr. Melake possesses a profound understanding of these subjects, which is evident in his methodical and clear approach to teaching. He has a knack for breaking down intricate concepts into understandable segments, making learning both enjoyable and effective. His patience and commitment to ensuring I grasp the fundamentals in our very first lesson.

    What truly sets Dr. Melake apart is his genuine dedication to his students’ success. He goes above and beyond to provide additional resources and is always available to clarify doubts, no matter how minor they may seem. His guidance has been pivotal in helping me tackle my assignments with greater ease and efficiency.

    For anyone in Auckland or beyond seeking assistance in fault levels and short circuit analysis, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Melake. His expertise, coupled with his supportive teaching style, makes him an invaluable asset to any student’s learning journey. Look forward to future lessons with Dr. Melake.

    1. Hi Ashley, thank you for your feedback and its nice to hear that you have enjoyed & satisfied with the training (tutoring) service provided. I am also glad to have a professional student like you who really wanted to up-skill their knowledge in short circuit & fault level analysis techniques, protection design. This includes managing fault level using current limiting reactor, opening/closing CB, Network splitting.

  2. I cannot praise Dr. Melake enough!
    His profound expertise in power systems and design was the key to my success in one of the most challenging courses of my academic career.
    Throughout the semester, his clear and insightful explanations helped demystify complex concepts, and his patient, methodical approach ensured
    that I grasped even the most intricate topics. His real-world examples made the material relatable and far easier to understand.

    Moreover, his commitment to teaching and genuine interest in my learning was truly inspiring. Whether it was extra sessions before exams or detailed feedback
    on assignments, he always went the extra mile to support my studies. Thanks to his guidance, I not only passed the course
    but also gained a deep appreciation for the subject. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an expert tutor in electrical engineering.

    1. Dear Garrett,
      Thank you for your valued feedback. It has been a joyful to support you in Power System Design and Power System Operation & Economics studies. During the training period, you have been very committed & dedicated, equipped with resources & books. You had also managed to model and design studies using the latest advanced power system software tools. Keep the good work and there is no undue concern on your learning skills.

      KHB consultant.

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